Nitho Drive Pro 3 - Racing Wheel (Pre-owned) (Pre-owned) (Pre-owned) (Pre-owned) (Pre-owned)

Nitho Drive Pro 3 - Racing Wheel (Pre-owned) (Pre-owned) (Pre-owned) (Pre-owned) (Pre-owned)




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Product Description

Compatibility -

PC, PS3, Xbox 360


The steering wheel of this joystick is cozy when held and, since its made of rubber, you can maintain a firm grip.

Gear Shift 

The digital butterfly gearshift makes changing gears as easy as pie when you need to overtake your opponent.

Racing Pedals

Thanks to the analog racing pedals, you'll have a realistic virtual racing experience as you rev to the finishing line. 


The shock of impact that your car faces in-game will be experienced by your hands through the steering wheel in the form of vibrations.

USB Plug Connector

You can connect this joystick to your PS3 or Xbox 360 via the USB plug connector.

High Stability

This joystick will be firmly fixed to your table when you're using it as it has big suction cups.


Note: The product may not come with original packaging. In such cases, please be assured that it comes with all components, accessories which come in a brand new product, and the outer packaging is customised. Racing wheel is slightly damaged towards the bottom of the wheel 

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