For Honor : Deluxe Edition - PS4

For Honor : Deluxe Edition - PS4



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Release Date: 14-Feb-2017

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Product Description

Enter the chaos of a raging war as a bold knight, brutal viking, or mysterious samurai, three of the greatest legendary warriors. For Honor is a fast-paced, competitive experience mixing skill, strategy, and team play with visceral melee combat. The Art of Battle, For Honor’s innovative control system, puts you in total control of your heroes, each with distinct skills and weapons, as you fight for land, glory, and honor. As a skilled warrior on an intense believable battleground, you annihilate all soldiers, archers, and opposing heroes who stand in your way.

      It Includes:


  •  Legacy Battle Pack
  •  3 Exclusive Hero Outfits
  •  Crusader Warden
  •  Sea Snake Raider
  •  Kabuki Kensei
  •  Digital Deluxe Pack
  •  1 Execution Mood Effect
  •  3 Helmets Crests
  •  Additional Content
  •  Boost Package
  •  Exclusive Emblem
  •  Game Soundtrack
  •  Exclusive Lithography


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