Frequently Asked Questions

Why use GameXS?

GameXS is created to basically simplify the process of buying and selling pre-owned games online, so you can Simply Play More.

We understand that you want to play some of the latest and the best games or the ones you recently missed, but only if they are available at affordable prices. We also realize that your game rack might be filled with titles you no longer play, and you need a place to sell those old games.

To achieve this, GameXS provides free shipping to buyers, doorstep pick up to sellers1, ensures fast delivery and guarantees that pre-owned games are quality tested and fully playable.2 In short, we take away all the hassles of dealing in pre-owned games away from you, making it as easy and secure as buying a new game online. We can safely say selling and buying pre-owned games has never been easier.

Why should I buy/sell at GameXS as opposed to eBay, OLX or somewhere else?

As opposed to marketplace like eBay, classifieds like OLX, and online forums, we ease the process of selling by allowing you to sell your games instantly, at pre-defined rates, directly to GameXS and thereby entirely remove the cumbersome process of creating listing for your games, deciding their prices, waiting for buyers and negotiating with them.

If you are a buyer, we assure you quality tested pre-owned games at great prices, guarantee delivery within 3-4 business days and save you the trouble of searching through marketplaces, classifieds, & forums, negotiating with buyers, and paying upfront to unknown sellers for your games. We offer you a massive collection of pre-owned games and our trying our level best that you never have to wait to get the pre-owned games of your choice.

How are the game prices set by GameXS?

And when do they get updated?We monitor prices on used games from a number of sources and take into account number of factors like game popularity, age, ratings, and demand/supply to calculate the game prices that will give the most benefit to the buyer and the seller. Prices are updated regularly as the market changes.

How much is shipping?

At GameXS, we offer free shipping to both buyers and sellers on all orders - absolutely no minimum amount required.

If you are a seller, and opt for the ‘I will ship the game(s)’ option, you will have to bear the cost of shipping upfront. However, to cover your costs, we will add Rs. 75 to your GameXS account as Shipping Credits once we receive the game(s).

If shipping sounds too cumbersome to you, don’t worry, we have got you covered. You can opt for a free pick-up – available in over 1500 PIN codes in India.

Can I buy or sell from outside India?

At this time, GameXS only supports sale, purchase and shipping within India.

Why can’t I find the game I want to buy/sell on GameXS?

Our current catalog includes most games for current generation systems. We don’t carry games with peripherals or most collectors editions to keep shipping costs down and simplify the process. If we are missing a game that you would like to see on the site, please let us know and we will work on getting it up on the site for you asap.

For Sellers

How do I sell my game?

1. Search for the game you want to sell or simply browse the catalog

2. Select your game and GameXS will then take you through the selling process

3. Once you confirm the sale, make sure to ship the game asap so that it reaches us within 15 days (we cannot guarantee that we will offer you the same price if we do not receive the game within 15 days). Alternatively or opt for a free doorstep pick up of your game(s) – available in over 1500 PIN codes in India.

4. If you select the pickup option, wait for the GameXS’s logistic partner to co-ordinate and schedule a pick up from your mentioned address within 1-2 days of your sell order. Hand over your safely packed games to the pick-up personnel.

See How to Sell? section for more details

When and how do I get paid?

Once your game reaches us and is tested for quality, funds will be released to your GameXS account or transferred to the bank account provided by you. You can use your GameXS Store Credits to buy any other game(s) on the site.

See How will I be Paid? section on the How It Works page for more details

What is the best way to ship my game(s)?

GameXS recommends that you nicely cover your game in a bubble wrap and pack it in a cardboard box or a sturdy envelop before shipping (or handing over your games to the pick-up personnel). See our packaging tips for help.

If you opt for the ‘I will ship the game’ option on the sell checkout page, ship your game(s) using reputed courier services only as GameXS will add Rs. 75 in shipping credits to your account.

Remember, it is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the game reaches us in proper condition.

I found the game I want to Sell but I can’t click the ‘Sell this Game’ button, what gives?

This means that GameXS is currently not accepting this title – maybe due to oversupply or other such factors. But don’t worry, add the game to your Selling Wishlist and we will email you once we start accepting the game.

Do I have to pay a fee to post/sell my game?

No. As a seller, it’s you who gets paid!

What game condition does GameXS require?

All games must be in overall good condition. This means the original disc must be free of major scratches and is fully playable. Your game must include the original box art and manual with no major damages, stickers or missing pages. Please review the full Trade-in Policy and select the appropriate condition for you games when selling at GameXS.

Do I have to input my credit card when selling a game?

No, you do not have to input a credit card to sell your game. But you will have to provide your bank account details in case you opt for a cash payout when selling games.

For Buyers

How do I buy a game?

1. Click “Buy/ Buy Now” on any available title on GameXS

2. Proceed to checkout after confirming the cart.

3. Enter shipping and payment information.

4. Receive your game and play!

See How to Buy? section on the How It Works page for more details

How long does it take to receive my game?

It typically takes 3-4 business days to receive your game. Within 24 hours after your purchase, we will send you email confirmation of your shipment with the tracking number that will let you track your game all the way to your mailbox!

What game condition can I expect when buying?

GameXS guarantees you will receive the original game in fully working condition1 with no major scratches or damages. The game will include the original box and manual with no major damages or missing pages.

What if my game isn’t working?

GameXS guarantees buyers will receive a fully working original condition game, as ordered. If you have a problem with your order, please read our Refund Policy and email . If your game is not working, you can return it to us within 7 days of delivery and we will issue a replacement or a full refund.

Will the online features (multiplayer, co-op, etc.) work with the pre-owned games?

Nowadays, a lot of titles that have online features like multiplayer, co-op, etc. come with one-time use codes that allow only the first buyer to access such features. We assume, that all the one-time use codes have already been used in the pre-owned games and price them accordingly.

However some titles (by certain publishers) do not require codes to access their multiplayer features and you may get to enjoy them on pre-owned games as well.
1 Doorstep Pick Up to Sellers is currently available in select locations only - about 1500 PIN codes in India

2 While the pre-owned games will be fully playable, the online features like multiplayer, co-op, etc. may not work on them. A lot of titles nowadays come with one-time use codes to access the online features and we assume that such codes have already been used in pre-owned games.